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Finance Coach - Holiday Edition
Monday, 26 December 2011 15:11

Finance Tip: Protecting your valuables

This one’s more of a holiday checklist, but still super-important to ensure you don’t end up wasting your hard-earned money if something goes south this holiday season. First-off, if you’re leaving home on holiday, make sure that you don’t make it an absolute giveaway that you’re not there – holiday time is peak season for burglars to scout potential targets. Get a friend or neighbour to collect your mail/newspapers and put out/bring in your bins regularly, and maybe park their car in your driveway every now and again. Then, invest in a couple of variable light and power timers, that will turn on and switch off some lights and appliances (think TVs ) at various hours, just to give the impression someone’s in residence. Then, if you’re driving anywhere long-distance, it’s very likely that you’ll be sharing the driving load, so make sure to chat to your insurance company, and have any additional drivers added onto your policy. The last thing you want is to have your claim denied because of a technicality that someone else was driving your vehicle! And finally, if you’re heading somewhere internationally, and have saved up some holiday funds to pay for it (you have been saving, right?), rather load those funds onto your credit card, and then pay for your tickets using that. Credit card companies generally cough up free travel insurance when your trip is paid for on their cards – you may as well take advantage of it :)


Business Tip: Marketing

Show your gratitude to your customers during the festive season. As much as it’s been a rough year for a number of businesses, the best way to put positive energy out there is be grateful for the customers that have supported you. Make up a small hamper, and send it on to your best/most regular clients, with a little note thanking them for their business. Do the same for those clients who did support you before, but have been lacking of late – wish them a great holiday season, and mention how you hope to see them again in the New Year. If a hamper’s going to put too much strain on your marketing budget, even a hand-written note or card is a great way to keep in touch. It’s the little gestures like this that help to keep you top-of-mind in your customers’ (or potential customers’) thoughts, and can go a long way to maintaining, and building, your business…


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